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We dream of Abbe Reformed Church being a place where when we enter, we will feel the Holy Spirit and know there is love. We dream of a place that will be filled with hope, where our church feels like home; a place where we joyously remember the deep and strong roots of our past, and we excitedly anticipate the future as we branch out to reach others with the Good News; a comfortable place where we always feel welcome and know that we are not judged, but instead graciously accepted, and always forgiven; a place where respect and love allow us to care for one another and those in need, as we exhibit humility in our daily walk in a life committed to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. We desire to worship in a church where we can know God more intimately, obey Him in all areas of our lives and demonstrate His love for us by loving each other.

We value being a church of prayer. We pray for spiritual wisdom and compassion to guide us in our faith. We pray for spiritual leaders with worship skills who will challenge, nurture, and grow our faith as we mature in our relationship with Christ. We value biblically based messages that will strengthen our faith and discipleship. We dream of identifying and using each person’s spiritual gifts throughout the church and community to live as Christ taught us through His example and teachings. We pray that we will be diligent in loving God and committing to continuing spiritual growth as we develop relationships with churches, organizations and others throughout our town, county, state, nation and world.

We discern the importance of achieving and preserving unity in the church in order to carry out God’s work in our community and world. To achieve unity, we dream of a place where people build each other up; where we are humble and gentle. We desire to honor the leaders in our church, who work to guide us in God’s wisdom. We pray for patience with each other, and biblical guidance to encourage each other, strengthening our faith.

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Vision Statement


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