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Abbe Reformed Church is pleased to offer a Health Ministry through the services of a health ministry team (REACH). The health ministry team works in partnership with the pastors, and other members of the congregation. This is a joint ministry between the Abbe and Clymer Hill Reformed Churches. This health ministry combines the therapeutic qualities of church, community, and faith in God to strengthen the healing mission of individuals, families, and communities.

What is Health Ministry?

Health ministry is a special ministry that integrates faith and health, within the church, for its members and the community it serves.

The purpose of a health ministry is to meet the entire needs of a person (physical, emotional, and spiritual). Through our actions we can reaffirm the church’s role in health and healing.

Health ministry is spiritually focused, strengthens the church, and enables members to focus on serving God by serving others. It encourages congregational and community involvement by utilizing and sharing resources.

Health ministry is customized to meet the unique needs of the congregation(s) and community, as well as the gifts and talents of those who provide the care. The gifts and talents of nurses, health care professionals, and lay people interested in the healing ministry of the church are needed to carry this out.

What is the role of the REACH Team?

The team is composed of pastors, a faith community nurse, and volunteers to assist with meeting the needs of the congregation(s) by planning and assisting in programming.

The team meets regularly to pray, brainstorm, provide leadership, assess the needs of the congregation(s), and then develop, implement and/or expand programs based on the unique needs of the congregation(s).

The team strives to help members improve their health. Their responsibility is not to carry out the entire health ministry program themselves, but to provide the supportive leadership that makes the ministry possible. The entire church family is needed to make the ministry a success.

Who is on the REACH Team?

  • Pastors Noah & Kristen Livingston
  • Pastors Mike & Erin Beckerink
  • Cheryl Dingle
  • Laurie Holthouse
  • Lucinda Legters
  • Sandy McCray
  • Marty Miller
  • Willowe Neckers
  • Esther Nickerson
  • Carrie Shampoe
  • Amanda Willink
  • Sonya Shampoe
  • Linda TeCroney
  • Renee’ TeCulver
  • Tammy Tenpas


How can I reach the REACH Team?

Please contact the church office:

Any messages will be handled confidentially and returned promptly.

What services are available?

As the REACH Team continues to pray, seek God, brainstorm, determine the needs, and become organized, current programs and ministries will be expanded, as well as new services provided. If you or someone you know needs assistance, would like a visit, has questions or ideas, please contact the church office.


Confidentiality is an integral part of any ministry and is the cornerstone of health ministry. All communication, conversations, and interaction between members of the REACH Ministry Team and individuals in the church family and community receiving assistance will be treated in a confidential manner. REACH team members are committed to confidentiality and have signed a confidentiality contract.

How can you become involved?

PRAY. Prayer is essential to this ministry. Determine if you feel God calling you to volunteer in this way. The hands and feet of many are needed to carry out this ministry and we’d love to have you join us! If you feel God leading you in this direction, please contact the church office.

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